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Scholarship gets Faizan to the finishing line

Relationship: Recipients

Faizan Muhammad Ramzan is the 2018 recipient of the Euroz Securities Scholarship – a scholarship that supports undergraduate and postgraduate students enrolled in the Western Australia School of Mines.

For Faizan, the support has been a game-changer, helping him to keep the finish line confidently in his sights as he completes his master degree in petroleum engineering.

Faizan started his tertiary education journey in December 2009, studying a bachelor degree in petroleum technology at the University at Karachi in Pakistan. However due to the lack of job opportunities when he graduated, he decided to pursue further studies abroad.

I received admission to Curtin for a Master of Petroleum Engineering, but unfortunately due to limited funds and budget, my parents could not afford to pay such a huge amount of fees, so my dream of studying at Curtin remained a dream,” Faizan says.

Fortunately, he discovered that he was able to enrol in an Advanced Diploma of Oil and Gas Engineering at North Metropolitan TAFE and arrived in Perth in September 2011. By January 2015, Faizan had successfully completed his diploma, received his permanent residency and transitioned to full-time employment at IKEA, where he had been working during his studies.

“Life was smooth. I had a full-time job, I had my Australian permanent residency and I got married in January 2016,” Faizan recalls. “Then I realised that it’s hard to get a job as a petroleum engineer based on a diploma, and my bachelor degree was not enough either to meet the requirements of the Australian job market.

“So I decided to follow my dream again and apply to Curtin University to study the Master of Petroleum Engineering. I received my Australian citizenship in May 2016 and straight away was admitted to Curtin.”

Faizan Muhammad Ramzan's son

Juggling part-time work and study proved challenging for Faizan, and he finished his first semester with a 60 per cent average overall. To increase his commitment to his studies, he decided to reduce his working hours and, by his third semester, had managed to increase his overall average to an impressive 80 per cent!

Along the way, he also welcomed his new son into the world.

However, the strain of studying and supporting his growing family on a very meagre income took its toll, so Faizan was very pleased to receive the Euroz Securities Scholarship in 2018. This has allowed him to get his life back into balance during the final stages of his degree.

“The Euroz Securities Scholarship was the first scholarship I have ever received in my life. I can’t explain how grateful and thankful I am for it,” he says.

My aim is to finish my studies as soon as possible, get a professional job as a petroleum engineer and pay back my education loan debt to the Australian Government.”

Faizan also hopes that one day he can give back himself: “Once I reach a stable stage in my life, I look forward to helping individuals who, like myself, are struggling to pay tuition fees and are working hard to bear the family expenses.”

Stories like Faizan’s wouldn’t be possible without the support of Curtin’s philanthropic community. Thank you to Euroz Securities Limited, through the Euroz Charitable Foundation, for supporting Faizan and other Curtin students to achieve their goals.