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Nelly Hodges

Relationship: Donors

Nelly Hodges graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Medical Science) in 2005 after returning to study as a part-time, mature age student. Since then, Nelly has found immense success in her field, working in the laboratories of leading hospitals across the state, most notably as a senior scientist at Perth’s Mount Hospital.

Now, Nelly wants to inspire future generations of medical scientists. To give back, Nelly established an annual encouragement award for first-year Curtin laboratory medicine students and has left a bequest to ensure her award will continue her commitment to supporting students for generations to come.

“My main motivation behind leaving the bequest was my passion for medical science,” Nelly explains. “I wanted to ensure future generations were encouraged to pursue the noble pursuit of medical science. It is in some ways a silent profession, with the general public unaware of what we do, but it is incredibly rewarding, especially in the hospital setting, as you are helping to save lives.”

Giulia Foniti, a Curtin student whose life was directly transformed by Nelly Hodge’s Encouragement Award in her first year of study says that receiving the award validated to Guilia that she was doing well and encouraged her to keep applying herself to her study.