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Kwisha Patel

Relationship: Graduate, Young Alumni Advisory Board member

Kwisha Patel is truly a global citizen. Having grown up in Botswana, lived in the US for 5 years studying her bachelor’s degree, worked in Hong Kong for 4 months and now living in Australia for over 2 years has proven that she has a desire for personal and professional growth.

She has a strong will to divert her career path into the not-for-profit sector as she is consciously proactive in meeting like-minded individuals to better the community and help those in need. She enjoys volunteering in various industries and causes from being a caretaker at animal shelters to assisting in marketing needs at a local Alliance Francaise and being highly active at the university level.

Her itch for travel runs through her veins, as she has been to over 20 countries in her lifetime. Have a coffee with her and there will be some entertaining stories being shared. In her free time, she enjoys dancing and trying new restaurants. She aims to build mutually strong relationships with individuals and spread her unique endless energy everywhere she goes.

Young Alumni Advisory Board position

Marketing Coordinator


Master of Business Administration (Global), 2019