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Keith Vaughan

Relationship: Donors

Mr Keith Vaughan became interested in donating to pancreatic cancer research at Curtin after suffering the loss of his wife of 61 years, Elizabeth Ann Vaughan, to pancreatic cancer in 2016.

Elizabeth was a keen gardener, grew pelargoniums and geraniums and was a life-long member of The Geranium Society of WA. Before she passed away, Keith had promised Elizabeth that he would donate her work’s proceeds to pancreatic cancer research. When she passed away Keith decided to sell her last remaining plants, display shelves, pots and books and gifted these funds to pancreatic cancer research at Curtin. The $4,000 he collected was donated to a research project led by Professor Marco Falasca from the Curtin Health Innovation Research Institute (CHIRI).

“Research on health is important to all humans and donating towards research on health is a very satisfying gift and will help sufferers throughout this world,” Keith says. “It’s a very good feeling that you know you are helping other sufferers regain health and a better life to enjoy.”