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Challis Clinic

Relationship: Recipients

In Armadale, Western Australia, an area where there is a high incidence of drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence and poverty, there is an increased need for free, community-based health care services for children and their families. To meet this unique demand for community services, Curtin University and Challis Community Primary School partnered together in 2011 to create the Curtin Health and Wellness Clinic.

Children from Challis Primary School, are referred to the clinic, then seen on site at school by final year Curtin students up to four times per week. The service is free and with smaller waitlists than community services, it is an incredibly important early intervention service for at-risk children.

“The Curtin Clinic is more often than not the only health service our children have access to. Private health services are typically out of reach financially, and public health services have crippling waiting lists… The Curtin Clinic provides immediate and accessible services that therefore meet the needs of our families,” says Kristy Tomlinson, Coordinator at Challis Parenting and Early Learning Centre.

This vital community initiative is possible thanks to the generous and continued support of the Tenix Foundation.