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Brenton Scheer

Relationship: Recipients

Brenton is a recipient of the Euroz Securities Scholarship.

“I grew up in the small country town of Esperance, about 700km from Perth, which is where most of my family now resides. The cost of attending university was overwhelming, let alone the challenges of relocating from a rural town, purchasing textbooks and dealing with the demands of living in the city. I can’t put into words how much I appreciate the financial support I received through the Euroz Securities Scholarship. I believe it is important to invest in the youth of today so they can work towards building a strong and stable career, and eventually give back to society in the same manner.

I was recently invited to enrol in the Surveying Honours stream, which was a proud moment and reflects the efforts I’ve put into three years of studying. I am so grateful for the help I received to reach my goals.”