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Scholarships are part of Curtin’s commitment to rewarding academic excellence, supporting research and helping students from all backgrounds to realise their potential and shine their brightest. For some, a scholarship enables them to reach their potential as a contributor to society when they would have otherwise been unable to.

Access to education is vital to empower the students of today to become leaders of tomorrow. Studying a university degree should be based on merit, aspiration and the pursuit of greater knowledge. It should not be impacted by financial hardship or constraint.

Design the scholarship that delivers impact

If you choose to establish a scholarship, there are several options to consider. These options allow you to design a tailored scholarship that will best deliver the impact you hope to achieve.

  • Name: What would you like to name your scholarship? Will it be to honour or in memory of someone?
  • Purpose: What is the goal of the scholarship? What do you want to achieve?
  • Number: How many scholarships will be awarded annually?
  • Value: Do you want to support all academic expenses plus cost of living?
  • Type: Will the scholarship be merit-based (academic achievement) or needs-based (financial need)?
  • Duration: Should the scholarships be awarded each year to new students? Or would you prefer to support a student for the duration of his or her studies?
  • Course/Level: Which courses of study (e.g. Bachelor of Commerce) and year level (e.g. first year, undergraduate or postgraduate) will the scholarship support?
  • Demographic characteristics of recipient: Would you like your scholarship to be directed to a student of a particular age, gender, or citizenship?


The University Advancement office is available to assist in developing a complete list of criteria for your scholarship. Please contact the office at or on +61 8 9266 9255 for further information.


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