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Whether you decide to leave a specific amount of money, a percentage of your estate, or what is left over once you have looked after your family and loved ones (the residual of your estate), it is easy to include a gift in your will.

A bequest is an expression of your vision for the future, whilst honouring your past interests, hopes and achievements. Your gift will make an enduring difference to future generations and can help to strengthen the long-term growth of Curtin University.

Personalising your gift

You can personalise your bequest to ensure it has a meaningful impact on one of the following areas within the University.

Student scholarships

By lifting financial constraints and creating opportunities, scholarships change lives. If you choose to leave a bequest to student scholarships, you will have a lasting, positive impact on recipients, and by extension, the communities and industries in which they live, work, create and grow.


By supporting our research initiatives with your bequest, you will ensure that Curtin’s brightest minds are able to focus on areas that make a real difference, creating far-reaching benefits for local, national and international communities. Your research bequest can also be directed to a research field that matches your interests.

Teaching and learning

By supporting our teaching and learning with your gift, you will have an enduring impact on generations of students. Your bequest can be directed to a study field that matches your interests or more broadly to enable Curtin to continue to provide high-quality teaching and learning into the future.

Greatest need

If you choose to leave a bequest to Curtin without specifying a particular purpose, Curtin will ensure that your gift is applied to the area of greatest need. This will allow the University to ensure the strongest impact at the time, maximising the effect of your generosity.

How to leave a gift in your Will

Suggested wording for your Will:

“I give to the Curtin University of Technology Foundation (ABN 99 143 842 569):

the rest and residue of my estate; OR
the sum of $___; OR
___% or ___ parts of my estate; OR
[Name of specific gift/gift-in-kind]
For the purposes of supporting Curtin University in such manner as determined by the Foundation.”

Or, if you would like to allocate your gift to a specific purpose:

“I express the wish that my gift is allocated to ___ [name of intended scholarship/department/research area, etc.]. However, if circumstances change and my wish cannot be fulfilled, I direct that the Board of the Curtin Foundation allocates the bequest in such a manner as best approximates my wishes.”

Curtin is obliged to honour your wishes, and where possible, will always do so. In the rare event that circumstances change – for example, a department or course changes its name – the final line in the suggested bequest working will ensure that Curtin can still apply your gift to the most appropriate purpose, in line with your wishes.


This is not legal advice. We recommend that you seek your own independent legal advice regarding the particular terms of your Will.