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Do you have a question about giving to Curtin? We have listed all of our most Frequently Asked Questions below, however, if you can’t find what you’re looking for please contact us at or on +61 8 9266 9255.

Why give to Curtin?

At Curtin, we believe that education has the power to transform lives and communities. The ripple effects of education are huge and one of the most powerful ways in which we can make the world a better place for future generations. We are committed to our mission of making tomorrow better by transforming lives and communities through education and research, but we can’t do this alone. Our mission can only be achieved with support from, and engagement with, the wider community, including our alumni, industry and community partners and donors. Curtin is an innovative and forward-looking university with a strong global presence and outlook. Join us in our mission of building a better, fairer and more sustainably prosperous world for us all.

How can I give to Curtin?

There are a number of ways that you can support us in our mission to transform lives and communities through education and research. Please visit Where to give to find out more about some of our programs and initiatives. If there is a particular area of the University’s work that you would like to support but don’t see here, please contact our University Advancement office on +61 8 9266 9255.

Is Curtin a Deductible Gift Recipient?

Yes. Curtin University is endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office to receive gifts for which a donor may claim a tax deduction.

What is the University’s ABN?

The University’s ABN is 99 143 842 569.

Are my credit card details secure if I make an online donation?

We take the privacy of your information very seriously. The online donation form has security measures in place to protect both your credit card and personal details. See Curtin’s Privacy Statement for more information.

How can I give to a specific faculty or project?

Please see Where to Give for information on giving to the faculty or project of your choice. If there is a particular area of the University’s work that you would like to support but don’t see here, please contact our University Advancement office on +61 8 9266 9255.

How do I make a bequest?

The University can help you plan a bequest that reflects your wishes. When considering Curtin University in your Will, it is recommended that you seek independent legal advice. Please visit our Bequests page for more information about including Curtin in your Will.

Will I be able to decide how my gift is used?

If you have a specific area or scholarship that you would like to support, please contact our University Advancement office on +61 8 9266 9255. Our team will be happy to offer you further advice and information on how to support what matters to you and is close to your heart.

How will my gift be recognised?

We want to appropriately acknowledge and recognise all of the donors that help to support the work of Curtin. We strive to provide our donors with regular feedback reports that demonstrate the impact that donations are having, no matter how large or small, on the lives and experiences of our students and the development and outcomes of research and innovation projects. However, if you would prefer to remain anonymous, this can be arranged. Our Stewardship Coordinator can provide further advice, please contact +61 8 9266 9255.

Can a gift of $10 make a difference?

All donations, irrespective of the amount, can have a significant impact and make a valuable difference to the Curtin community, whether your donation contributes to our scholarships program or our research and innovation projects, all donations help to make tomorrow better. Curtin also have a number of endowment funds that can be supported, making the impact of your donation, small or large, have a collective and lasting impact. For more information on our endowment funds please visit The Brighter Future Scholarships program webpage.

I didn’t study at Curtin, so why should I donate?

Curtin is one of Australia’s largest and most culturally diverse universities. We have a strong commitment to international engagement and producing career-ready graduates across a wide range of academic areas. Through our research, we are finding solutions for a sustainable future. By giving to Curtin, you not only invest in the future of our students but also the wider community, both locally and globally.

What is the Curtin Foundation?

The Curtin Foundation was created in 2009 to manage philanthropic donations to the University. Through the Foundation, Curtin can seek and receive funds from individuals and organisations to support University initiatives and projects that benefit the public. This helps us to make a positive difference to the communities we serve.

The Foundation has an independent board of directors that oversees its financial management, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Can I make a pledge or recurring credit card gift?

Yes, you can make a pledge or recurring to Curtin with your credit card using our online giving form.

Does the University accept non-monetary gifts?

Yes, Curtin’s John Curtin Gallery can accept donations of artwork. Donations of artworks can be processed as part of the Australian Government’s ‘Cultural Gifts Program’ and are tax deductible.