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About Curtin University Foundation

Curtin University’s mission is to transform lives and communities through education and research. First established as an institute of technology in Western Australia in 1967, we are now a global university with campuses in four overseas locations, numbered amongst the top one per cent of universities worldwide.

As we have grown, we have maintained our reputation as a practical, inclusive and forward-looking higher education provider. We are proud of our contributions to building a better, fairer and more sustainably prosperous world for us all.

Curtin is greatly appreciative of the support provided by our alumni and other friends of the University. All gifts to the Curtin University Foundation, both large and small, help to amplify our impact within the community.

What is the Curtin University Foundation?

The Curtin University Foundation was created to manage philanthropic donations to the University. It was gazetted in the Western Australian Parliament on 21 August 2009.

Through the Foundation, Curtin is able to seek funds from individuals and organisations to support University initiatives and projects that benefit the public.

Natasha Allchurch – Director, Development

+61 8 9266

Natasha joined the team in February 2017, leading and managing the Development team to support the University’s fundraising priorities and activity, this includes gifts and bequests from alumni and friends of the University and also donations from trusts, foundations and corporate supporters.

“Every day I feel humbled to be part of an organisation that is dedicated to creating a brighter tomorrow for our students and wider community. No matter how great or small, every donation is significant and helps us to create a fairer, more positive world and contributes towards changing lives. I feel exceptionally lucky to be part of this.”

Ashlie Marshall – Senior Development Manager

0466 454

Ashlie joined the team in May 2018, and works closely with Curtin’s Faculty of Health Sciences to identify and support fundraising priorities and projects that will create a lasting impact for the communities that we serve, both nationally and globally.

“As a Curtin graduate, I have the opportunity to enable others to receive the outstanding learning experience that was afforded to me. Working with the Faculty of Health Sciences, I am able give donors the opportunity to change lives by investing in people and projects that will transform our community. From scholarships to medical research – I am grateful to be a part of this philanthropic journey.”

Fabienne Vonarburg – Senior Development Manager

0423 415

Fabienne joined the team in November 2018 and assists the Faculty of Health Sciences in its fundraising and engagement efforts to create mutually beneficial, long-lasting relationships between donors and Curtin.

“I am privileged and grateful to work alongside some of the brightest minds to drive innovative solutions for our health and medical challenges in WA and beyond. I’m honoured to have the opportunity to invite donors and supporters to join us on this exciting journey. It is incredibly humbling to be part of a team that creates the best possible student experiences, advances Curtin’s academic endeavours and assists in finding breakthroughs and research discoveries to make tomorrow better.”

Jessica Bezerra – Stewardship Coordinator

+61 8 9266

Jessica joined the team in July 2017. Through implementing and managing our stewardship program, Jess is responsible for acknowledging and thanking all of our generous donors for the difference and impact that their support makes to our University, students and the broader community.

“It’s so rare to get to work for an organisation where the donors, staff, students, organisations and individuals are united in a shared vision to make the world a better place. I am grateful for the chance to contribute to a philanthropic community making real impact, and build relationships with people meeting global challenges with generous and innovative solutions.”

Josh Lawrence – Senior Development Manager

+61 8 9266

Josh joined the team in July 2017 and works closely with Curtin’s Faculty of Science & Engineering to identify and support fundraising priorities and projects that will make a lasting difference to the communities that we serve, both nationally and globally.

“Working for Curtin University is an absolute privilege. In my day to day role, I work with individuals who want to see others succeed and give back to the community. Working with the Faculty of Science & Engineering I have the opportunity to meet people who have the ability to innovate and potentially change the world. Through our Brighter Future Scholarships Program, I work with the people that have shaped WA as we know it today, and they are intent on helping others both follow in their footsteps and create their own paths along the way.”

Lauren Evans – Annual Giving Coordinator

+61 8 9266

Lauren joined the team in July 2017, managing the Staff Giving, Alumni Annual Appeal and Annual Giving programs. Lauren helps to connect our staff and alumni community to our priority projects ensuring that no matter the size of your donation, it has the greatest impact.

“In my role, I get to see the best of people. The programs I manage bring groups of people together, whether they’re alumni, staff or students, and as a community they combine their support to create new opportunities for others. I’m excited about the possibilities available to make a positive difference at Curtin through collaborative giving.”