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More than half of Curtin students support themselves with full or part-time work while enrolled in a course. Or they did. With jobs vanishing, there are now hundreds of Curtin students who are struggling to get through each day. Some are single parents, some have parents who are struggling themselves, and some have been on their own financially for a while.

If there is a cohort of students we can bet on to make the future better, it is the ones who care enough about their education to make significant sacrifices to obtain a university degree. We get a lot of these students at Curtin, and we’re honoured to have them.

These are the students who are coming to us now, reluctantly but from necessity, asking for a hardship bursary. Some have exhausted their meagre savings, others are concerned about homelessness, and others have empty fridges. We are doing everything we can for them, and with your help, we can do more.

Studies have shown that with a graduate workforce a country’s GDP is substantially higher than it otherwise might be. Our future is in their hands. Please help us support these best of students to weather COVID-19, complete their courses, and join the workforce as tomorrow’s graduates.


For further information about how the donated funds are being utilised, please visit our FAQs.