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This is the 200th anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birth year. It was prescient that, in celebration of this and long before COVID-19, the World Health Organisation declared 2020 to be the Year of the Nurse and Midwife. Nightingale launched a profession that has become indispensable to our society, particularly now.

As a result of good planning and decisive action, our health system is coping well with COVID-19. But signs are emerging of longer term impacts of the virus: the likelihood that we will face future waves of infection, even as this one passes; the mental health impacts of self-isolation on vulnerable people; and the long term impacts of infection on the lung and liver function of some patients.

At Curtin, we are dedicated to caring for the carers. They are not only on the front line of caring for us as patients, but will be relied upon to help our communities rebound in the future. This will take extraordinary skill.

Right now, we are developing short courses and online resources that will equip nurses and other healthcare workers to manage the new challenges they face daily, and thus strengthen individual and community resilience. With your help, we can roll these out to all nurses.


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