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2020 Alumni Achievement Awards

Nominations for the 2020 Curtin University Alumni Achievement Awards have now closed. Winners will be notified at a special Awards ceremony in October. Make sure your details are up to date to receive an invitation to the ceremony later in the year.

Top tips for nominators

The selection committee is made up of Curtin staff, past award winners and notable alumni from different backgrounds and industries. By following these top tips, the selection committees will have all the information they need to assess the nominations in the best possible light.

  1. T&Cs: Read the Terms and Conditions before you begin drafting the nomination to avoid submitting an invalid nomination.
  2. Jargon: Avoid industry and other jargon, including acronyms and abbreviations that the selection committee may not understand.
  3. References: Reference letters must be specific to these awards and must be no longer than two (2) pages. Additional pages will not be considered by the selection committees.
  4. CVs/Resumes: CVs and biographies must be no longer than four (4) pages. Additional pages will not be considered by the selection committees.
  5. Eligibility statement: Statements must be no longer than 1000 words. Additional wording will not be considered by the selection committees. Make the most of the 1000 words available for the Eligibility Statement – a much shorter statement may not provide adequate information for the committee to properly assess the achievements of the nominee. The statement must address the selection criteria for the specific award in question, rather than the nominee’s general achievements.
  6. Self nominations: Self nominations will not be considered by the selection committee, which means that the eligibility statement must be written by the nominator, not nominee.
  7. Multiple nominations: If you are nominating the same candidate for more than one award, you will need to submit separate documentation tailored to the different award categories.
  8. University staff: Current members of University staff (any person on a current Curtin contract, receiving remuneration from Curtin for their work) are not eligible to be nominated in any award category.
  9. Family members: Immediate family members (wife, husband, mother, father, daughter, son, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, grandparent) of the nominee are not eligible to submit a nomination or reference for the said nominee.

Selection process

Once nominations close, all candidate applications will be reviewed by the Alumni Achievement Awards Selection Committees. The Committees will recommend nominees for each award to the Honorary Awards and Appointments Committee for consideration and recommendation to the Vice-Chancellor.

Significant dates

Nominations openMonday 20 April 2020
Nominations closeFriday 12 June 2020
Judging and selection processCommences Friday 19 June 2020
Alumni Achievement Awards CeremonyThursday 29 October 2020