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We have listed all of our most Frequently Asked Questions below. However, if you can’t find what you’re looking for please contact us at or +61 8 9266 3113.

How do I become a member of the Curtin alumni community?

As a Curtin graduate, you are automatically a lifelong member of our alumni community of over 230,000 inspiring people from over 160 countries. Keep your details up to date and we will send you University and alumni news, upcoming event information and opportunities to support your social, personal and professional development.

How do I get a replacement of my academic transcript?

Replacement of Academic Transcripts (on official Transcript paper), Graduation Statements, or True Copies of your Award can be ordered via:

  1. Your OASIS Account – If you graduated after 2010, please log in to your OASIS account and in the Official Document Requests link under the Quickforms channel, you can complete the relevant online forms.  The document fees web page covers details on the cost of ordering each document.
  2. In person at Curtin Connect – Visit a Curtin Connect team member in building 102 at Curtin Perth. Please note, Curtin Connect is open on Monday till Friday from 8am to 5pm.
  3. By calling Curtin Connect – If you are not able to order in person, please follow the below instructions to speak to a Curtin Connect team member over the phone:
    1. Call Curtin Connect on 1300 222 888
    2. Choose option 4
    3. Then choose option 1
    4. If you do not remember your student ID, do not enter anything, it will direct your call without a number
    5. Speak to a Curtin Connect team member


Additional information can also be found on the Graduations website.

How do I get my award verified?

For Curtin awards granted post-1992, please visit Curtin’s award verification service. For Curtin awards granted pre-1992, or if you are unable to verify the award online, please submit an online request.

For further assistance with award verification, contact the Graduations office.

Can I keep my Curtin email address after I graduate?

If you graduated after 2010, your Curtin email address will automatically receive a graduate ‘alias’ which will enable you to keep using the account. For example, will automatically become

To access your Curtin email address, log in through OASIS. If you need to reset your password please contact OASIS Central.

I am not receiving communications from you but would like to. How do I subscribe?

If you are not receiving communications from us, we may not have your preferred contact details. You can update your details online, or by contacting us at or on +61 8 9266 3113.

How do I sign up for an Alumni Library Membership?

You must be a Curtin University graduate to access the Curtin Alumni Library Membership. For more information about the Alumni Library Membership, and how to sign up, visit the Curtin Alumni Library Membership information page.

Why do I have limited access to online journals and databases through the Alumni Library Membership?

This is due to strict licensing contracts with the vendors who provide access to the Library’s databases.

The Alumni & Community Relations team and the Curtin Library have very limited control over what online journals and databases are made available to alumni. The Curtin Library works with database vendors to attempt to negotiate licensing agreements that include access for graduates. The databases where this has other academic awards, such as Proquest, are made available to Curtin graduates.

How do I abbreviate my Curtin degree?

Curtin degree abbreviations, post-nominals and course outlines can be found in the online Courses Handbook. Simply search your degree and click on your degree title. The abbreviation is shown immediately under the title inside your course handbook.

If you can’t find your unit outline, it’s likely it has not been published online. Please contact your relevant School directly as they may have previous records/unit outlines they can send through to you.